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People Have to Say!)

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I have been using your products for almost 3 years and I must say that they really work!

Thanks, Roy


Hi! I'm getting good results with your products. Your products are getting rid of the bad taste and the tonsil stones. I can't believe that these tonsil stones seem to be disappearing. I never had this problem until I had surgery to try to stop acid reflux. After the surgery, I had a terrible taste in the back of my mouth and tonsil stones.

Thanks, Peter


Dr. Katz,

I'm very thankful for your TheraBreath products. I have used your product for three days now, and it ABSOLUTELY WORKS!

I am a 48 year old, single, professional male. Bad breath has hindered my professional and emotional well-being. As an engineer, my profession requires me to interact with my colleagues during design reviews and oral presentations. These interfaces are mostly up close and personal. The signs were there; people would politely back away, pinch their noses, or offer me gum. In many cases, I could not look people in the eye when I discussed important issues. How demoralizing! This has gone on for ten years now. As a result, I carried with me a toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash as a defense mechanism. I accidentally read about your product through an MSN article which identified various celebrities who had bad breath. And the rest is history! I am and will be indebted to you for life for your scientific research and will be a loyal customer forever!

Word of mouth would surely help sell your products especially from me since I do not suffer from bad breath!

Thanks A Million, Paul


Thank you for your information. I did purchase your tooth gel, mouth wash, breath spray, and tongue scraper from Walgreens a few days ago and love them.



I've used your extra strength rinse ever since it came out. Your product is the best in the market.



Good Morning! I am stunned at the immediate improvement of my breath after trying your TheraBreath products. I feel clean for the first time in my life. I am anxious to begin my new life with the freedom of knowing that I can stand close to people without being offensive. I'm thrilled to think that I can now express myself with full confidence. No one can imagine how much an individual is held back whey they know that they can offend their family and friends because of their breath.

TheraBreath has given me a new life. Thank you.

Leya from Yokohama


Dear Dr Katz,

I am so pleased to say that I no longer have any bad breath . The solution was in your nasal drops as you suggested . I received it yesterday from Therahealth London and it worked like magic! . I just can't believe the difference . I've now used your Therabreath Plus rinse, gel, power drops, and nasal sinus drops. They're absolutely great…I am very grateful to you. Thank you very much .

Regards, Kumar


I have been using the original Therabreath toothgel and oral rinse 3 times a day. I also use the breath spray and PLUS gum after every meal If I do not have the time to brush my teeth. I feel like my mouth is SO MUCH cleaner all throughout the day compared to how it was when I used Aquafresh toothpaste and Listerine. What a joke!!!! Your products blow them away and i can't even begin to say how much!! I have been doing this procedure for at least 7 months now and LOVE the results.



This product is unbelievable for bad breath elimination! It has been wonderful to finally be able to enjoy kissing my husband and for that I thank you!



I have been experiencing bad breath since I was in 5th grade. Although people did not tell me directly, I could see in their reaction that my breath was offensive. I lost my confidence at an early age. What's worse was that I couldn't share my problem with my parents because I knew that they would just blame me.

I've done everything just to get rid of my bad breath. I've used Colgate to brush my teeth 5 times a day and Listerene to rinse my mouth. I even scraped my tongue and flossed daily but these procedures and products didn't seem to help. Im only 17 and I can't enjoy my teenage life because of halitosis.

Last August 2001, I saw your website but I doubted that your TheraBreath products really work. However, I convinced myself to give it a try - that's how desperate I was! I bought the kit last week and all I can say is THANK YOU SO MUCH! It really improved my condition.

I can never thank you enough for bringing hope into my life. Thanks for your unwavering support to us and I hope you won't get tired of helping those who have the same problem like mine.

You can use this as one of your testimonials if you like.. and again thank you! :) God bless and more power!

A. D. F.


Dr. Katz,

Let me say a most grateful thank you for responding to my questions so quickly.

Sincerely, Debbie


Hi Dr Katz: I bought the starterkit two weeks ago and a day after using them bad breath was gone. Thank you for saving me from myself. My husband is also very happy, he was skeptical at first.

M.C.., South Africa


I just wanted to tell you how appreciative I am that I found your products at my local Walgreens. I've had problems my entire life...sour taste, anything I ate gave me a bad taste. Your gel and mouthwash were the only things that worked! It's been difficult throughout my life to date people and not be paronoid about breath issues. I am so much more confident now and I know it shows!

Lori F. (Savanah, GA)


Good morning, Doctor Katz


Congratulations to a very ingenious doctor. I haven't used all the products, but just after scraping, brushing and rinsing, my mouth felt like I had undergone some kind of an oral transplant. Thank you for giving this condition time, effort, intelligence and talent. Whenever your travels bring you to Italy (Gaeta in the Province of Latina) please call me at ********-****

V.R. (from Italy)


Dr Katz:

I can't tell you how wonderful it has been to learn about what causes bad breath. The moment I read your articles, I felt a sign of hope.

Your products speak to me especially that you've taken the time to explain the symptoms, science, cause, and treatment of bad breath in such detail and accuracy.


Click Here to Request your FREE
4-color, 50 page copy of the Bad Breath Bible by US Mail!