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Fourteen (14) Great Tips That
Will Help Keep Your Breath
Clean and Fresh!

(explained in detail in the Bad Breath Bible!)

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Keep your tongue clean. Gently brush it with a soft nylon toothbrush after you brush your teeth.
2. The Drier Your Mouth, The Worse Your Breath Gets - Drink MORE Water!
3. Watch Out for the obvious (and surprising) foods that can make your breath worse
4. If you're a Work Out or Body-Building Addict, you've got to be careful!
5. Keep Calm - Stress makes your breath worse!
6. If you're 'getting on in years' then it may be getting increasingly difficult to keep your breath fresh!
7. Avoid breath mints and/or gum that contains sugar!
8. You can't kill the odor of bad breath with another odor (which is what most of the 'Big Name' oral care companies would like you to believe!)
9. Your breath gets worse when you have a cold, allergies, or post-nasal drip, so Blow Your Nose More Often!
10. NEVER use mouthwash containing alcohol or toothpaste containing sodium lauryl sulfate (Soap)! (do you have any idea how many oral care products contain these two ingredients? Here's a hint, just about all of them!)
11. Many prescription medications can make your mouth extremely dry (Take with plenty of H2O)!
12. Realize that everyone in the world (not just you) has Morning Breath to some degree! (But it is possible to minimize and/or prevent it completely!)
13. Smoking: It will give you bad breath in a nanosecond, but may only take 20 years to kill you!
14. And finally, The Best Way to Eliminate & Prevent Bad Breath? Use Clinically Proven Oxygenating Oral Products such as TheraBreath!

Click Here to Request your FREE
4-color, 50 page copy of the Bad Breath Bible by US Mail!